Q:    What if I don't have a digital image of my work?
A:     There are a number of ways to digitize art. The most common are scanning and photography. For purposes of submission, any digital image will work including point and shoot photography. There are many services available for scanning or photographing artwork. For a nominal fee, Celebrate Art Project will assist the artist in creating a photographic representation of their work for submission. Please call us at 914-207-1004 to discuss.

Q:     What types of art are allowed for submission?
A:    Any art that can be represented in a digital format is acceptable. Flat art including but not limited to paintings, photographs, wall hangings, signage, posters, drawings, watercolors, renderings and tapestries are easily represented. Pottery, sculpture, architecture, auto design, industrial design, and/or any 3 dimensional object will best be represented in photographic form. 

Q:    What is the size of the printed artwork?
A:    The artwork will be printed in an area 30" wide and 45" tall. Although a vertical, or portrait, image is best suited for this aspect ratio horizontal images are also acceptable.

Q:    How much does it cost to submit?
A:    There is a one-time non-refundable submission fee of $20.00 for up to three (3) images.

Q:    How do I pay my $20.00 submission fee?
A:    After your artwork has been submitted and approved for the jury process, you will receive an invoice via email. There will be instructions for payment included. Check, Money Order, Credit Card and PayPal will be accepted.

Q:    What happens to the banners when the show comes down?
A:    Our plan is to offer the banners to a hospitals, nursing homes, schools or other facilities as a traveling art show.
Q:    What are the banners made out of that makes them eco-friendly?
A:    The banners are woven from thread made from recycled milk bottles.